Sustainable green waste management in Lókod

In Lókod we are currently generating energy from green waste coming from forests, pasture  and cut area cleaning and agricultural activity. The fuel for our biomass boiler is prepared and it consists of the remaining chips after forests and pastures cleaning and of by-products from sawmills industry.

The direct goal of the project is to create a biomass utilizing heating system for the workrooms of the professional workshops at Lókodi Youth Foundation in order to reduce the cost of the heat supply and to create new jobs.

The installation is suitable for burning sawdust, wood chips and chopped waste wood. Taking into account the boiler’s need for biomass we are building a chips storing container to the boiler house which will be the storing place for the boiler’s daily need of fuel.
The direct result of the planned long-term development is that the buildings of the foundation, which were heated with natural gas, would switch to a biomass heating system, in order to reduce the costs of the heating. Since the basic material needed for heating is the green waste collected from village’s and the neighborhood’s forests and pastures,  the heating is not just economical and environment friendly, but also makes our environment look tidier. The disadvantaged young people living at the foundation, together with professionals and with appropriate machines could clean the pastures, forests, cut areas, stream-beds regularly in an organized manner and they could make sure that the branches, rotted wood debris are all collected and processed for fuel.

With this project we want to set an example for the neighboring villages and show them that the green waste of the forests and pastures can be used as fuel when creating their own heating system, and that with this technology, they can provide heating even for their public buildings – churches, municipalities, schools, kindergartens–