Heating Fuel from Forest and Grassland Purge

Erdő- és legelőtakarításból fűtőanyagThe LIA and Civitas Foundations won a tender financed by the Norwegian Government for the acquisition of wood miller machines, tractor and a special furnace. They intend to use them for forest and grassland purging to produce heating fuel from green waste. In order to be professionally prepared for this work, Norwegian specialist held a 2-day-training.
Szilágyi Csaba reported on the previous agreements with ten forest commons of the region to estimate whether those can assure plenty of green waste to operate the furnace.

There was a training for forest common representatives, forest and grassland owners and other persons who might be interested in green waste management – told us Bara Agnes, marketing responsible of the project, explaining that the training was held by Norwegian specialists in English language and interpreted into Hungarian. The Norwegian Johan Ellingsen and Jorun Tønnesen presented topics such as sylviculture, the use of renewable energy sources, methods of green waste management, as well as other environmental protection related topics.