The foundations of the green economy has been laid in Locodeni

The Youth Foundation from Locodeni (LIA) planted the seeds of sustainable management in Locodeni: through a tender, financed by the Norwegian Government they won not only financial, but also knowledge capital from the Nordic countries, as the green economy is not only about money, but also a question of mentality and experience.

The training started with practical guides, where the farmers learned about various forestry- and pasture cleaning machines, and the production process of quality biomass and briquettes. Through the successfully submitted project, the LIA Foundation bought a tractor, choppers and pasture cleaning machines, scythe and green waste removal trailers, which are constantly used for cleaning the surrounding pastures and forests – told us Zsombori Zoltán, technical leader of the project.

On the training held by the Norwegian experts, the participating farmers learned to use the machines, gained a lot of useful information and practical experience in the briquette production - especially in the field of sustainability and cooperation – explained Bara Ágnes, press officer of the project.