Focusing on green waste management (part three)

On 22-23 of October, the LIA Foundation organizes in Lokodeni the last part of the training called “Sustainable green waste management”, what has been launched in March 2015. The training will take place between 9 am and 17 pm, both days and the lecturers will be Jorun Tønnesen and Johan Ellingsen from the Norwegian Norges Vel Organization, while the target group is still the leaders and members of the forestry’s, public interest leaders, pasture and forest owners, environmental specialists.

The program in October, continuing the previous trainings, contains the following topics:

  • Production of quality wood chips, briquettes, drying and storage conditions - experiences of production, drying and storage conditions, acquired in the last half year at LIA.
  • Technical requirements for green waste management.
  • Cleaning of pastures and forests, waste processing - micro and macroeconomic factors.
  • Opportunities in green waste management in rural areas - economics and environmental protection, social education.
  • Cooperation - institutions, advocacy organizations, public authorities
  • Vision of future, opportunities in green waste management.

The number of free training places is limited; please apply under the following phone number: 0724 322 723.