Inauguration ceremony in Locodeni

The biomass furnace was put into operation in Locodeni and the official handover ceremony took place on the 27th of  November  2015.

The fact that we managed to start a social enterprise based on a timeless topic - environmental protection - is a great joy for our foundation, and we hope to set an example for the surrounding villages.

At the inauguration ceremony, the project manager, Mr. Árpád Orbán welcomed the large public: "Civitas and LIA foundation created from this village a viable model, presenting a wide range of values, where social assistance plays an important role, where young people coming from foster-homes can learn profession and life in order to get a proper job and live on it.
Our objective is to preserve and process medicinal plants and traditional seeds. Our program called Szekler Fruit also enjoys a great success. The implementation of this project, funded by the Government of Norway , is a wonderful achievement for the Foundation. The biomass center, i.e. green waste processing tries to be a model that should work in every Szekler village. It is our wish that these high-performance furnaces serve community purposes: help the population heating their schools, churches, town halls, community houses.

The general director of the LIA Foundation, Mr. Szilágyi Csaba spoke about the technical details of the investment, followed by the technical director, Mr. Lóránt Jakab, who presented the operation of the machine park. The program continued in the community house by presenting a movie to the audience about the realization of this project.

We believe that besides pasture and forest cleaning, production and sales, we can still assume an important role in our region through trainings and educational programs. We want to continue our activity, through which not only professionals would be involved into green waste management and environmental protection, but also the rural population and educational institutions