Who is our audience? What can you do?


Our foundation sees a significant potential in the use of the local (from our region) biomass basic materials, and in arable and gardening by-products and agricultural, forestry and cut area waste procession.
By using alternative energy we can improve our environment, the state of our pastures and we create new jobs for the population of the rural area, and we can contribute to a sustainable green waste management.

To this end we have started the implementation of this project about producing biomass fuels.

Who do we want to cooperate with?

• ith common lands (Public Lands Holder)
• private forestries
• pasture and forest owners
• local governments
in joint venture for the state of the environment and for providing a self-supporting heating modality for our villages without cutting down forests.

LIA already has such a system; therefore it is a good example, a role model that the others can copy in order to start up such kind of a heating system. If your locality would like to join our initiative, don't hesitate and contact us!