The foundations of the green economy has been laid in Locodeni

The Youth Foundation from Locodeni (LIA) planted the seeds of sustainable management in Locodeni: through a tender, financed by the Norwegian Government they won not only financial, but also knowledge capital from the Nordic countries, as the green economy is not only about money, but also a question of mentality and experience.

The training started with practical guides, where the farmers learned about various forestry- and pasture cleaning machines, and the production process of quality biomass and briquettes. Through the successfully submitted project, the LIA Foundation bought a tractor, choppers and pasture cleaning machines, scythe and green waste removal trailers, which are constantly used for cleaning the surrounding pastures and forests – told us Zsombori Zoltán, technical leader of the project.

Waste might become a friend of the environment

The "Clusters and sustainable development" seminar proposed solutions to promote circular economy

Because human evolution cannot be stopped, currently we are trying to find solutions to recycle as much waste types as we can. It was one of the topics debated Tuesday in the seminar "Clusters and sustainable development", held in Sfântu Gheorghe.

The event is part of a larger project called the European Sustainable Development Week 2015, which runs from 30 May to 5 June.

Focusing on green waste management (second part)

On the 2nd and 3rd of June, the LIA Foundation organizes in Lokodeni the second part of the training called “Sustainable green waste management”, that was launched in March 2015. The training will take place between 9 am and 17 pm, both days, and the lecturers will be again Jorun Tønnesen and Johan Ellingsen, from the Norwegian Norgesvel Organization, while the target group is still the leaders and members of the forestry’s, public interest leaders, pasture and forest owners, environmental specialists.