Focusing on green waste management (second part)

On the 2nd and 3rd of June, the LIA Foundation organizes in Lokodeni the second part of the training called “Sustainable green waste management”, that was launched in March 2015. The training will take place between 9 am and 17 pm, both days, and the lecturers will be again Jorun Tønnesen and Johan Ellingsen, from the Norwegian Norgesvel Organization, while the target group is still the leaders and members of the forestry’s, public interest leaders, pasture and forest owners, environmental specialists.

“School Otherwise” Week – Green Waste management at Locodeni

Within the biomass production process our Team considers extremely important - beside production- the project’s educational role. To this end, on the “School Otherwise” Week 2015 we presented to hundreds of students the idea of green waste management and that of biomass production.

The children learned about the utilization possibility of tree branches, wood shavings and other green waste and observed the entire production process from the sawdust to the briquettes. The children had many interesting questions to ask, they were enriched with a practical experience by visiting the biomass plant.

Really environmentally-friendly and cost-effective is the furnace built by Mr. József Péter

Really environmentally-friendly and cost-effective is the furnace built by Mr. József Péter with the help of his cousin in his home of Székelyszentkirály. People reacted in a sceptic way, but later he has been charged with the building of several similar systems.

„In the long run, it would be rentable to acquire an industrial miller and to build a central furnace for the whole village in order to heat several local buildings and homes: the school, the day-nursery, the residence of the farmers’ association”-declares Mr.  József Péter. According to this view the next step could be to mark a place where people collect their green waste in order to be used as heating material. In case of a surplus the biomass could be sold to other villages.