“School Otherwise” Week – Green Waste management at Locodeni

Within the biomass production process our Team considers extremely important - beside production- the project’s educational role. To this end, on the “School Otherwise” Week 2015 we presented to hundreds of students the idea of green waste management and that of biomass production.

The children learned about the utilization possibility of tree branches, wood shavings and other green waste and observed the entire production process from the sawdust to the briquettes. The children had many interesting questions to ask, they were enriched with a practical experience by visiting the biomass plant.

Really environmentally-friendly and cost-effective is the furnace built by Mr. József Péter

Really environmentally-friendly and cost-effective is the furnace built by Mr. József Péter with the help of his cousin in his home of Székelyszentkirály. People reacted in a sceptic way, but later he has been charged with the building of several similar systems.

„In the long run, it would be rentable to acquire an industrial miller and to build a central furnace for the whole village in order to heat several local buildings and homes: the school, the day-nursery, the residence of the farmers’ association”-declares Mr.  József Péter. According to this view the next step could be to mark a place where people collect their green waste in order to be used as heating material. In case of a surplus the biomass could be sold to other villages.

Heating Fuel from Forest and Grassland Purge

Erdő- és legelőtakarításból fűtőanyagThe LIA and Civitas Foundations won a tender financed by the Norwegian Government for the acquisition of wood miller machines, tractor and a special furnace. They intend to use them for forest and grassland purging to produce heating fuel from green waste. In order to be professionally prepared for this work, Norwegian specialist held a 2-day-training.
Szilágyi Csaba reported on the previous agreements with ten forest commons of the region to estimate whether those can assure plenty of green waste to operate the furnace.

There was a training for forest common representatives, forest and grassland owners and other persons who might be interested in green waste management – told us Bara Agnes, marketing responsible of the project, explaining that the training was held by Norwegian specialists in English language and interpreted into Hungarian. The Norwegian Johan Ellingsen and Jorun Tønnesen presented topics such as sylviculture, the use of renewable energy sources, methods of green waste management, as well as other environmental protection related topics.

Green waste management in focus (the 5th of March)

In the period of March-November 2015 will take place in the organization of LIA Foundation a three-step free professional formation for foresters, commoners from Harghita Region (first of all Homorod Valley) and other interested persons in Lokod, where Norwegian specialists will give lectures.

The first part of the formation will take place on the 18-19th of March.

Applications for the free formation are accepted until the 13th of March 2015 on the phone 0748 096 86 or per e-mail to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.