How does a Christmas tree become energy?

The Christmas trees decorating our homes year by year can be more useful for mankind than you have ever imagined. At the end of the holidays, after a preferably ‘White Christmas’, these trees are often used to make furniture or to produce fuel for central heating systems. Let’s see how a Christmas tree becomes energy!
It is strictly forbidden in Romania to leave your Christmas tree on the streets. Local governments are sanctioning the individuals and legal entities with fines up to 5.000 RON, if they don’t leave their trees in the designated areas or near the garbage bins.

Responsibility in Norwegian Style

The Lókodi Youth Foundation is starting up a project entitled Sustainable Green Waste Management, which in the forthcoming one and a half year is going to implement an innovative, environment friendly venture in order to offer a viable solution for the green waste management of the disadvantaged rural areas of Hargita County.

The recently launched project’s goals are: to build a green waste collection service, to develop a biomass-powered heating system for the workrooms of the foundation and the production and sales of wood wastes products.  
“We are trying to promote the self-sustaining Szekler village, where the people are farming and breeding animals. We want to preserve the image of the village, support its values and introduce an alternative energy management.”- said Árpád Orbán, president of the Lókodi Youth Foundation (LIA), emphasizing that the sustainable green waste management is an important step in this process.