Lókod, a small village in Udvarhelyszék region, became known in the past few years mainly due to some activities which are embracing the disadvantaged youth of the area. In the mid 90’s the Lókodi Youth Foundation and the Wolter Foundation made it their goal to help the handicapped and socially disadvantaged children and young people. For this they have established a “Youth Village” in Lókod which provides a home, a job and professional training opportunities for these young people.

Ten years later, their first start-up work is followed by another unique activity:  developing the first biomass-fuel production plant and starting up a heating system that uses biomass fuel.

The Sustainable Green Waste Management project, launched with the support of the Norwegian Government, is a hopeful step towards the creation of an innovative venture: besides the protection of the environment, it employs the disadvantaged youth as well.

Our specific goals:

1 The development of a biomass heating system for the workrooms of the Lókodi Youth Foundation,

2 The creation of a green waste collection service,

3 The production and sales of wood waste products.

Our initiatives are important, because:

  • We can avoid burning grasslands, meadows, pastures and use these wastes as heating materials in our homes instead
  • Wood waste can be used: and thus we will need to cut fewer trees for producing heating material
  • We provide warmth for our disadvantaged young people
  • We create new jobs
  • Lókod can become Szeklerland’s self-sustaining role model in rural green waste management